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PermSRAM™ is a versatile nonvolatile memory macro available on foundry standard CMOS platform covering process node of 180nm to 28nm and beyond.

PermSRAM™ features a wide variety of nonvolatile memory functions:

  • One-time programmable ROM and pseudo multi-time PROM incorporated with multi- page configuration
  • Wide memory size of 64bit to 512Kbit
  • Non-rewritable hardware safety lock for security code storage

With a production of over 300 million chips, PermSRAM™ has proven itself as having a very stable performance while meeting the highest reliability standards.

The following is a partial list of applications our customers have embedded PermSRAM™ into to meet their NVM needs.


  • Security Code Storage
  • Program Storage
  • Analog Trimming
  • Gamma Correction
  • Memory Repair
  • Feature Selection
  • Patch Code
  • Chip ID
  • DRM
  • HDMI Decode


  • Smallest Si area
  • Tamper-resistant by an invisible charge trap memory mechanism
  • Non-rewritable hardware safety lock
  • No charge pump required in read operation
  • Built-in self-test circuit which supports stress-free test environments.
  • All bits are fully testable with conventional test equipment’s
  • Automotive grade data retention, over 150 deg. C.

IP Block Diagram

IPBlock Diagram Graphic

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