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NEC-Swish-ImageNEC started researching behavioral synthesis since the 80’s and identifying the benefits of raising the level of abstraction for VLSI design decided to develop a C/SystemC to RTL synthesis tool called ‘CyberWorkBench’ (CWB) during the 90’s. It was initially developed as an in-house tool and the first commercial IC taped out with CyberWorkBench for the Sonet network (SDH) controller was already in1993. Since then a large variety of VLSI designs including mobile phone SoCs, mission critical computing, networking equipment, set top boxes, wireless LAN routers, satellites among many others have been taped out at NEC totaling over $100 Million USD worth of sold ICs.

NEC started selling CWB to selected outside customers in 2001 and due to its strong demand decided to expand its sales initially in Japan in 2007 and since 2010 internationally. NEC is proud to announce that most of the biggest Japanese electronics companies already use CWB designing all sort of ICs ranging from printer, digital camera, LSI testing equipment, Mobile phone SoC to set top boxes and AV processors.

CyberWorkBench is based around the “All-in-C” concept:

  1. All-in-C synthesis : CWB can synthesize any digital applications ranging from control intensive and data dominant circuits. Since CyberWorkBench has a dual synthesis engine, it can handle untimed C, timed C as well as partially timed C descriptions and obtain excellent quality circuits for control intensive circuits such as DMA, peripheral and network/bus interface controller and data dominant applications such as audio and video processing, encryption and scientific computing acceleration. CyberWorkBench can synthesize extremely complicated algorithms, which were previously thought not to be implementable in RTL due to their extreme complexity.
  2. All-in-C Verification: CWB allows the functional verification as well as timing debugging on the original C source code. CyberWorkBench comes with a C-level property checker and C source code debugger. Designers no longer have to debug synthesized RTL as required by other behavioral synthesis tools.

CyberWorkBench is a complete tool suite for C/SystemC VLSI design and verification. Once you start using CWB you will never have the need to design in RTL again.

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