Wireless Communication

In automation technology, wireless communication systems offer key advantages over wired solutions, such as flexible positioning of nodes, easy retrofitting, freedom from wear and tear, and elimination of cabling errors. This simplifies the data link to the sensors and actuators on movable components. Especially in manufacturing equipment the elimination of cables simplifies the design and can decouple vibrations between the machine housing and moving components. For installations in clean room and vacuum conditions in particular, wireless systems can replace the special cables required for these types of environments. Specialized cabling is generally very cost-intensive and inflexible, making assembly more difficult.


Reception conditions within enclosed manufacturing equipment is highly position-dependent
(red areas: good reception, blue areas: poor reception)

Reception conditions within enclosed manufacturing equipment is highly position-dependent
(red areas: good reception, blue areas: poor reception)

Also, the propagation of the radio signals can pose a major challenge within manufacturing equipment. An enclosed metallic environment within the equipment generates numerous echoes, which can severely degrade the quality of the reception conditions in some areas.

In order to assure a reliable and robust operation of wireless solutions within manufacturing equipment, we investigate the propagation of the wireless signals in advance for our customers. Only this way can the wireless nodes be positioned optimally. If necessary, we improve the propagation properties within the system, for instance, through the integration of suitable radio wave absorbers or the suggestion of specific design changes. Based on your requirements on communication, productivity and reliability and the specific properties of the radio wave propagation we identify the most appropriate wireless technology and build customer tailored communication solutions.


Time and cost savings in the integration of wireless solutions in enclosed manufacturing equipment as a result of:

  • More flexible positioning of sensors and actuators
  • Improved vibration decoupling between the machine housing and moving parts
  • Simplification of the design and assembly due to reduced cabling
  • Avoidance of cabling errors


  • Consulting for planning, integration and commissioning of wireless communication systems
  • Investigation and improvement of the radio wave propagation within the specific application
  • Optimization of the wireless node locations
  • Support in the wireless technology and system selection
  • Prototype development of individual wireless solutions tailored to the specific application

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