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Fraunhofer IIS/EAS supports its customers in various challenges of advanced packaging technologies from system-in-package (SIP) to 3D-integration. We offer a wide range of design services and accompany your 3D projects from concept to the first proto-type. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS has more than ten years of experience with Interposer design and we have successfully completed many commercial projects

Interposer-based system: Camera sensor on interposer

Interposer-based system:
Camera sensor on interposer

Traditional integration of complex system-on-chip design reaches its technological and commercial limits with increasing system functionality and the growing demand of miniaturization. The partitioning of a system into a stack of dies allows higher data rates and lower power consumption by shortening the length of signal lines. Furthermore it enables the tight integration of different modules, such as processors, sensors and wireless interfaces into a device.

Wireless ECG Sensor in SiP Technology

Wireless ECG Sensor in SiP Technology

Special challenges of the design of 3D systems are related to the handling of system complexity, the optimal implementation in a wide design space with various technological options as well as the consideration of thermal, mechanical and electrical effects in the tightly integrated stack. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS has developed design tools, models, simulation and optimization methods for innovative system and packaging solutions.

Accelerate the introduction of advanced packaging with interposers and solve your system integration challenges in cooperation with us.


  • Identification of application-optimized integration technology (from 2.5 and embedded wafer level packaging to die stacking with through-silicon vias (TSV))
  • Design support from system planning to implementation
  • Case studies for cost and performance estimation
  • Interposer design
  • 3D floorplanning
  • Modeling of multi-physical effects (e.g., heat transfer)
  • Planning and management of proto-type manufacturing at our partners


  • Higher system performance and lower power consumption
  • Miniaturization of complex systems
  • Reduced design costs compared to ASIC development
  • Reduced risk for the introduction of 3D integration technologies in your products because of our longtime experience
  • One contact from system concept and design to the development of prototypes

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