Optical Sensor Systems

Capturing three-dimensional measurements of objects is common practice in industrial metrology. However, not all surfaces can always be easily and reliably measured. This task becomes especially difficult when results are required very quickly and flexibly. For this challenge, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS offers the design and development of optical sensor systems for laser light sheet measurements. They are based on a powerful image sensor solution, which has been developed in-house, with highly parallel, integrated data processing.

This opens up new complex processes to the laser light sheet process while also significantly increasing the achievable capturing speed. The greatest advantage over previous optical solutions for industrial metrology lies in the signal processing, which takes place directly on the sensor chip. As a result, measurements are taken extremely rapidly and efficiently. The sensor can also be adapted to usage conditions at varying speeds without the need to transfer large volumes of data from the camera to an external processing unit. The sensor features are rounded out by minimal energy consumption.

Visualized camera model with high performance imaging sensor

Visualized camera model with high performance imaging sensor

Features of the Fraunhofer IIS/EAS’ Programmable Image Sensor System on Chip (SoC)

  • Dynamic Range
    • Linear: >58dB
    • Logarithmic: >120dB
  • Algorithmic Flexibility
    • Standard methods (max, trsh, cog)
    • Additional new methods (curve analysis, filtering, log)
  • Shutter and Synchronization
    • Global and rolling shutter
    • 8+8 software programmable GPIO
  • Trigger on image features
    • Grey value output instead of profiles for debugging
  • Multiple RoI with different processing modes
    • Profile analysis in RoI → tracking output to GP-IO
    • While normal SoL analysis in other RoIs
  • Fully customizable binning of lines
    • Suppression of specle artefacts
  • Compressed output of image features

The Image Sensor SoC

Chip image sensor

Chip image sensor

  • Sensor matrix with 1024 x 1024 pixels @8.75µm pitch
  • Linear and / or logarithmic (HDR) characteristics
  • 3 ASIP-processors for acquisition and processing control
  • Fully programmable
    • Sensor readout (reset, acquisition, random access, roi)
    • Column-parallel analog and digital (SIMD) processing
    • I/O – operation with parallel, SPI and GP-I/O interfaces
  • Software library with modules and skeletons
    • Snapshot, rolling shutter and multiple RoI readout
    • Column-parallel A/D-conversion with 1…10 Bit
    • Column-parallel filtering, edge detection, thresholding
    • Linear and logarithmic data analysis
    • Feature extraction (textures, corners)
  • FPGA-based camera system

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