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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation

Hardware-in-the-loop simulation

Automotive innovations are driven by advanced electronics. They account for more than 90 percent of innovations and new features in the automotive sector. But this development comes along with some constraints. For example, the increasing number of electronic control units leads to a higher complexity of the overall system and a greater susceptibility to failures. Besides that, OEMs are forced to adopt new technologies within a shorter period of time and at a lower level of maturity. A major obstacle in this field of application is that innovative semiconductor technologies are often developed for consumer electronics and need to be aligned to automotive standards.

To master these challenges, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS offers consulting services and tools for the seamless optimization of the electronic product development for automotive companies with focus on functional safety and reliability.


Consulting and Tools for OEMs and Tiers – Services and benefits:

  • Optimization of the information exchange concerning requirements and capabilities between all partners (also suppliers) involved in the design of electronic systems
    • Guarantee of specification compliance by requirement engineering
    • Precise communication with TIERs by executable specifications and domain-crossing simulation
    • Usage of leading edge technologies by improved semiconductor qualification processes
  • Definition of metrics to assess reliability aspects over the entire development process
    • Improvement of design confidence by application-related quantification of reliability margins
    • Usage of Fraunhofer IIS/EAS lifetime monitors in order to allow the replacement of degraded parts before failures occur
    • Achievement of high automotive quality by implementing standardized metrics (for functional safety (ISO26262), reliability and yield (AEC-Q100) and quality management (ISO/TS16949))
  • Installation of processes, tools and models in the design and verification flow of electronic components
    • Substantial reduction of verification effort by seamless integrated verification methodology
    • Fault simulation in order to ensure effectiveness of safety integrity measures
    • Electro-thermal analysis of mixed-signal IC designs with Fraunhofer IIS/EAS developed tool “HeatVision”
    • Proof of fulfilment of lifetime targets by including degradation simulation in the design flow
Tight collaboration along the value chain for true reliability assessment

Tight collaboration along the value chain for true reliability assessment

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