System Level Design Environment COSIDE®


COSIDE® is the first tool which permits the design of electronic hard- & software components in the context of the whole system. It is easy to adapt and enables a cross-domain optimization of the system concept & architecture and thus the design of next generation products. COSIDE® is intuitive to use for experienced soft- and hardware designers, while reducing the effort for modelling and simulation by the factor of 10.

Electronic System Level Design with COSIDE® by COSEDA Technologies enables our customers to optimize their advanced and complex designs faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. ESL Design with COSIDE® leads to success especially when designs have become too large and complex for success at the RTL stage.

COSIDE® is the perfect solution for architectural design exploration, verification, and virtual prototyping at the early stage of the design cycle.

Using COSIDE® right from the start of the design process ensures that complex hardware as well as software systems can handle the required functionality. At the same time, it allows our customers to validate software against hardware even before RTL is implemented. With COSIDE® design teams are able to see the combined impact of architecture on system performance and functionality right from the start of the design process.

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