Message from the CEO

Carl DeSalvo President & CEO

Welcome to our company. EDATechForce was started in June 2009 with the goal of transforming the traditional Sales Rep experience for our clients and our customers.

In order to do this, we felt it was very important to really become an extension of our clients, not just a representative of our clients. This is why we have dedicated sales managers for each one of our clients. We offer pre and post sales technical support, and a secure network just as our clients would if they choose to have a direct sales channel. EDATechForce has multiple locations in the United States, and through our strategic partnerships we offer representation in Europe and Asia as well.

My goal moving forward is to continue what we have started by providing a level of success our industry is not accustomed to, through a combination of sales professionalism and sales innovation and innovative internet marketing.

Carl J. DeSalvo

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